Photo gallery

Timber frame living room

Livingroom panorama

Timber frame living room at the Hummingbird retreat

Fireplace on the veranda

Enjoy a relaxing time in our covered veranda or sit next to the fireplace and relax in this beautifull space

Enjoy a relaxing time in our newly renovated screened veranda

Cooper bay

A view of Lake Libby from Cooper bay

Morning mist

There is nothing quite like watching the mist lift off the lake in the early morning.

Frank's famous waffle

Enjoy delicious meals cooked to your diet choice

The veranda offers a very comfortable seating and relaxing area

Our Veranda offers a very comfortable and relaxing space to dine , chat or just relax enjoying the fire in the fireplace.

Flowers on the table from our garden

Whenever there are flowers in our garden we bring it inside to decorate the table and brighten up our space

Lady slippers

We are fortunate enough to have growing near the retreat, lady slippers, so rare and beautiful.

Country road

One favorite activity is walking along the quiet and beautiful country road and smell the fresh air and watch the scenery.

Hummingbird at the feeder

What is a hummingbird retreat without hummingbirds. This summer we had a lot of visitors to our feeders.

Brome Missiquoi river

One destination that is becoming increasingly popular is kayaking on the Brome-Missisiquoi river from Eastman to Bolton-Center. The river is a few kilometres from the retreat.


Here is a view of Mt-Foster looking from the retreat. Notice the wonderful colour of the leaves on the trees.

Leaves colour

I took this pictures of the maple leaves changing color from one of our outside balconies. The burst of color is like an exploding volcano.

Winter scene

Enjoy walking on our numerous forest trail behind the retreat, summer, fall, spring or winter the forest trails are always a discovery.

Come back often more pictures to come.

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