Interesting facts about Hummingbirds

The word hummingbird comes from what hummingbirds do when they hover in one spot; they hummm.... much like the sound of a large bumblebee.

If you have never seen a hummingbird, the first thing that will surprise you is their size. An average hummingbird measure a mere 5cm long by 2cm wide and some are even smaller.

The second thing that will amaze you is their ability to fly at great speed or to fly in one spot, fly up and down and even flying backwards.

One interesting fact about Hummingbirds is once they find a hummingbird feeder they can become territorial and possessive.

They would defend their territory from intruders by perching themselves close to the feeder. Another way to ward off unwanted intruders is to fan their tail feathers in an open fan shape to make them look “more” aggressive. Hummingbirds are quite competitive when it comes to food and they will spend days chasing each other away from the feeder.

Watching Hummingbirds is such a wonderful pastime.

The hummingbirds arrived on the 26 of May 2013 this year and have been busy at the feeder ever since.

Stay tuned for more interesting findings.

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Hummingbird at the feeder

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