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At the Hummingbird retreat we offer the possibility of providing workshops as well as retreat, most workshops are held in half day sessions or full day sessions. Our vast space is ideal for show and tell and our bright open living space are comfortable for small and somewhat large groups.

Our living nutrition workshop was held on February 18th and was animated by Johanne Hebert.

Living a healthy lifestyle with Johanne Hebert

Living nutrition looked at germinating 14 different types of sprouts and using 4 types of algae in everyday recipes. Eating food that are biogenetics like sprouts and algae is part of living a healthy life. Some sprouts like germinated Fenugreek have contributed to nutritional healing by detoxing liver and kidneys.

Alfalpha sprouts are one of the easiest seeds to sprout and is rich in iron, calcium and phosphorous. Alphalfa is also an excellent source of vitamins and proteins

Johanne provided us with numerous recipes and recipes ideas that incorporated many different sprouts and jellies. Agar Agar for instance is a seaweed that can be used to gel up desert made of fruit juices.

Many recipes are tought during this workshop and best of all we can taste them at the end of the workshop...... yummm

Table of goodness

Should you be curious about these workshops, you can contact us about scheduling them or having your own.

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Many more workshops to come so stay tuned and stay healthy

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