Testimonials : Find out what people are saying about The Hummingbird retreat and Sheska's extraordinary healing skills.


Thank you Sheska, I am feeling some very positive effects from our session yesterday. Until you mentioned anxiety, I thought I had that taken care of but there's a whole under layer of anxiety that I carry around and that you were able to remove with the massage.  The only way I can explain the difference I feel is that I feel lighter and that there is an underlying tension that is absent.  I wish I could feel like this more often!  Today, still feeling the peaceful effects of your massage, almost too much!



A home away from home in the heart of the forest. Warm, caring hosts and delightful guests.  Hiking, paddle boating, sunsets and amazing food..all you need to relax and reconnect with yourself!


Hummingbird retreat is like a little paradise in the Easterntownship, such warm welcome, home away from home.


Words can't describe the way this experience has touched me.  Wow! You have an extraordinary gift and you wish to share this gift is absolutely amazing! So generous and kind, I admire you greatly!  An inspiration to all. 

MS xo

After the first night our stress began to melt away, after our treatment with Sheska, we began to feel healed. After our second dinner we laugh so hard we felt alive, well and happy.  After our second night, we felt radiant and grateful for Sheska and Frank's haven and care.

L and A Montreal

Hummingbird retreat is a haven for healing, good food and excellent warm hospitality from Sheska and Frank.

Laura L Monteal

I felt so spoil! Sheska and Frank are so loveable, I will definitely come back!  Love you both!

Joanna MC Montreal

I felt like I was visiting with family, very enjoyable experience, relaxing, good food, good company and wonderful surrounding. All around good experience!

Caroline H Montreal

I was warmly welcome and felt like an old friend that came to visit.  I was nervous about coming but I felt at ease once I let go of my feelings.  It's not always easy letting go of your emotional path, but I was given the tools here to do it!

BB Ottawa

Sheska and Frank are gracious hosts with their guest's every comfort at heart. As a professional body and energy worker I can personally testify that Sheska has an extraordinary gift for perceiving and balancing energy. Thank you Sheska and Frank for a life changing retreat.

Deb, New Hampshire, U.S.A.



Sheska helped to create a personalized retreat experience or me that was soothing, healing and rejuvenating during a difficult time of my life.  Her great empathy and intuition combined with her skills and knowledge are extraordinary.  Great host and hostess, they emanate peace, calm and goodwill.  Meals were healthy delight, room is spacious, surrounding beautiful and lovely lake!



If you are seeking restoration and a quiet spot in which to re-balance - Hummingbird retreat is special indeed! For the day(s) you are there, you live tucked in among trees and gardens, and happily eat the marvelous food Sheska and Frank prepare. Their warm hospitality immediately puts you at ease, and they go out of their way to accommodate dietary requirements and food preferences (in my case an Ayurveda diet). Their delicious and varied cuisine truly nourishes body, mind and spirit.

As a counselor and energy healer, I found Sheska’s treatments wonderfully restoring and carefully tailored to my specific needs – she is a gifted massage therapist, and her treatments combine ‘energetic’ understanding with a heartfelt touch. I relaxed completely in their home and savored my time sitting by the lake, reading, swimming, walking and enjoying many wonderful conversations. Whatever my needs and wishes were, they were respected - they always offer the same ‘royal’ treatment. Sheska and Frank are the ‘real goods’ and they offer a unique and restful experience in a beautiful part of the world. I left a ‘new’ person! Not to be missed is all I can say!

Julia Gordon, R.N., Certified Intuitive Healer

Ottawa, Ontario

When I booked to go to hummingbird retreat, I admit that I did not know what to expect. I was simply looking for some rest, relaxation and soul-searching. When I arrived, I was a little surprised that the rooms were shared with the main home. I am not sure why. I did not get the impression that it was like a B&B on the website. For this reason, even though I was told to feel at ease, I always felt like I was infringing upon your space. Coincidentally, I also kept myself myself to read and to meditate anyway. 

The food was great. I am now making chaga tea and chia pudding. My mayo salmon reproduction was not as good as Frank’s. I appreciated the detailed information you asked so that the meals could be prepared to my liking.

I enjoyed the use of the paddleboat and although ill-prepared, I enjoyed my 12 km hike. I also enjoyed just reading in the sunroom. I also enjoyed mushroom hunting, even though we only found one chanterelle. (I suspect that after the rain, there are many now). 

Massages were great. Although I did feel a little bit of pressure for just one more massage, even though I was told ‘no pressure’. 

Overall my stay was good, in large part of my commitment to make it so. I have to admit that on the first night after the reading, I had seriously considered packing my bags and going home. The reading put me in a heightened state of anxiety which was completely and exactly what I did not want. I even said before anything anxiety-producing was said, that I was in fact feeling quite anxious. I was told that was good.  It was not what I signed up for and absolutely not what I needed. I did not know what ‘energy’ work was. Although not utterly naive, I thought it was more in terms of aligning chakras, Reiki and the like. I do not believe in past lives, and I feel that the whole way it was dealt with was less than optimal. It is as if my most intimate fear was targeted and made worse. And ultimately if someone does in fact have a gift, then this would have been known consequently nothing disturbing to me would have been discussed. 

I left the Hummingbird-retreat with mixed emotions but in the end, I choose to take the good over the bad. 

Thank you, 


The massage was very healing and relaxing. Every meal was excellent. My room was exceptionally clean and comfortable and nicely decorated and well appointed with plenty of soft towels and soaps and healthy snacks. Sheska and Frank are delightful hosts that were there for companionship and also giving me quiet, restful alone time. They both made my stay very comfortable.


Staying at the Hummingbird retreat really gave me the peace and tranquillity I was looking for; the room, the home, the surroundings easily make someone feel calm and serene. Frank and Sheska are wonderful hosts and do take great interest in their client's satisfaction. I also recommend healing and massage sessions with Sheska


I really enjoyed our stay at the Hummingbird retreat Sheska and Frank are the best hosts. They made me feel  welcome and safe. It is an inviting place for calm, relaxation and rejuvenation. I love the area and will come back for sure.

Jessica and Francois

Sheska and Frank  were the most generous hosts we've ever experienced. They went out of  their way to make us feel extra special...Sheska even made me homemade hummus for breakfast as we do in my native country. Their home is peaceful + welcoming + their soles showered us with good energy and lots of Love.

Yvette and Phillipe

This is my third visit and its as refreshing as the first. The ambiance is warm and friendly. Sheska and Frank make you feel right at ease as soon as you walk in. But the true gem is Sheska's healing hands and her amazing intuition. Whatever energy work I choose or thru Sheska's guidance. I leave the retreat feeling light and rejuvenated and for sure I will return.


Wow! What an experience... The Hummingbird retreat is really an excellent destination to get re-energized.The owners Sheska & Frank are wonderful hosts. They pampered and spoiled us from the moment we stepped in until we left. Sheska's touch for massage, energy alignment and cooking replenished our energy levels. Thank you to you both of you.

Astrid and Pascal

You are the most profound healer I have ever met and I felt like that after only five minutes in your presence. Thank you Sheska

MKS, Montreal

From the time we pulled into the driveway at the hummingbird retreat, we could feel the peace, tranquility, friendship and love in this awesome spot. The owners: Sheska and Frank made us feel right at home and they spoiled us daily with their delicious healthy home-cooked meals. The beauty inside their home is breathtaking and the countryside around it is so relaxing. Sheska's experience and knowledge is mind boggling and her massage therapy is amazing. A fantastic spot for anyone looking for R & R. We enjoyed every moment of our stay.

Pearl and Ron, Halifax N.S.


I needed a healing place and I truly found one at the Hummingbird retreat.  Only two rooms, and all the personalized attention required to re-center.  The warm welcome from the hosts, the made to measure meals, the great respect and support was all I needed to recover my strength.  Frank and Sheska made me feel very comfortable and were great listeners.  The walk in the magical trails of their 32 acre woods was amazing.  The insight from Sheska’s sessions truly helped me to move on to a new energy, a stronger and wiser self.  I also received an incredible massage that freed up a lot a pent-up energy that I could let go.  In a nut shell, I left there a rejuvenated person.  I truly recommend this retreat; I know that I will be back to recharge from now on!

Elise M, Montreal

Enjoyed this wonderful retreat, most refreshing and invigorating. Thanks to Sheska and Frank warm hospitality.


It was a fantastic three days of really relaxing and calming experience! Great company, great times and memories. We are definitely planning our next visit back soon.

Sandra F

Everything was well prepared for our special needs and it was all excellent. I really enjoyed this retreat.

We immediately felt the open friendliness and family like atmosphere. We felt relaxed enough to open ourselves up. All of our needs were met and then some. We walked into an abyss of nature and relaxation. Our cities lives were checked at the door, We will come back!


I came for the rest and healing witch was found in abundance. The great food, laughter and friendship...was a wonderful bonus. My thanks to you both for welcoming me into your home.


This was a wonderful experience with lovely hosts. It could not have been more enjoyable. Thank you for your hospitality and your warmth. You have welcomed us with open arms and always making us feel comfortable and the food is amazing. Thank you for providing such great energy insight. These two nights here were very much needed for my best friend and I. Not only were the massages the most fantastic and on point, the Healing + Energy experience was the first and best I have ever had. We will definitely be back. Sheska and Frank are fantastic hosts and cooks. Every meal was better than the last. Thank you for the best experience I have had in a very long time.

Jessica  & Melissa

My time at the Hummingbird was really a healing retreat. The beautiful house and nature surrounding it invited to quiet time, walks and swims. Sheska and Frank cater to every guest individually, it feels like being with friends. Sheska offers wonderful massages and energy work right in the house. My room was spacious and light and Frank and Sheska accommodated my special dietary needs. I enjoyed the weeks at Hummingbird retreat greatly and return home much refreshed. Thank you.

Gwendolin, New York

It is a place to nourish your body and sole with homemade food, good energy and beautiful nature. If you are lucky Fiasco the cat might decide to accompany you on a canoe ride on the peaceful lake. And Frank makes the best pancakes.

Marianne, Switzerland

Excellent food! We love our stay here. It was peaceful & relaxing and most of all we really enjoyed your hospitality. We shall meet again!

Laurence & Stephane

What a restful and restorative space. An amazing place to recharge. If you do one thing for yourself....do this. Its amazing. Thank you both so much.

Maria R

I felt very cared for, protected, supported and understood. Sheska was able to feel my emotions without me even saying what I was feeling. I felt she knew exactly what I needed to get my energy balance back and what I needed to move ahead to improve myself everyday. The food was delicious, excellent! Sheska and Frank made me feel loved and worthy something I haven't felt in a long time.

Romma J

Beautiful environment, great food, gracious hosts. This was very enjoyable. Will definitely come back


Had a good time to relax and enjoy the hikes and paddling was very fun...especially on a cloudy day

K & T

The entire experience as a whole was wounderful. Great escape from city life and accessible from Montreal without a vehicle. The food was delicious. Both Sheska and Frank are lovely hosts. I had a great time and will be returning and spreading the word.

Wilson, Montreal

Thank you SO much Sheska and Frank for once again going above and beyond to make my stay that much more pleasant, peaceful and fun. Your kind hospitality and warm energy make you retreat a very special haven to go within, ground and reconnect


I have been hovering in mid air just as Hummingbirds do, but thanks to the kindness and hospitality of Frank and Sheska and the magical hands and healing powers of Sheska I am ready to fly. I have been set free! Thanks for everything


First I meet Sheska at work, I start working at this place without saying anyone that I had an incurable sickness, and I decided that it would be good for me to keep my mind busy with working.

While I was working at my computer, she came by my back and place her hand on my shoulder and say you are so weak and the light over your head is puling all your energy. I been very surprised because it took me so much effort to work sick and not showing it, how come she feels something? How did she know...?

Many time after I notice that she got special talent to find out on different people there sadness, happiness or if something is wrong with their health.

After that I knew that she was working with energy in mass therapy and that she can help healing some health problem, and that she is very good at it after talking with many customers.

So, one day I came to see her in her retreat and ask her if she can balance my energy with a good massage. On the next visit knowing that she can see and feel things I asked her if she can see in some other life before and she accept to try with me. She saw and heard people in my seven other life that I had and let me tell you , it did give me many answers on many question in my life, it has been a wonderful journey.

She is and her soul beautiful and a great human being.

I feel very privilege to have meet Sheska on that day. I feel so good after each visit, like if my soul, my heart and my body work finally together.

Thank you so much Sheska, you’re always be special to me.

Danielle J

Hello I want to share my experience about Sheska 's amazing work! I have done extensive energy work myself and been able to have many different experience with the work. She is truly gifted and what she accomplish with my 6year old ,who was having a very hard time adjusting to grade 1,is not short of a miracle!!!For the last week he has done unbelievable progress ,he sleeps better and has a big smile on his face all the time! (We work on him together but he was not present) I recommend her work to anyone who understand the power of energy or who wish to do so! A very happy mom!



I want to thank both you and Frank welcoming Vicky and I in your home. First let me say the warm greeting and peaceful place, left me so calm. The weekend was remarkable to say the least. The energy and balancing healing left me feeling so well both physically and mentally. Not to forget the delicious meals and enjoyable after dinner game and laughter.

Thanks to both of you….

PS...I have already & will continue to recommend to my friends & family to come see you for a wonderful experience.


Sheska and Frank receive you as if you were family. The immediate comfort and welcoming is felt which is the beginning of a very good journey. They have a genuine caring of making sure their guests are comfortable and experiencing all that can be received


Thanks for the energy clearing. I have been feeling much better. Before the clearing I was feeling very hopeless and down. Now I have renewed hope. My head feels clearer, my body feels lighter. I wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Long distance healing, Veronica

Everything was perfect

Diane B

What a wonderful experience. A landmark visit that has given me so much. A warm welcome, a quiet and rejuvenating environment all combined to dignified treatment of the greatest. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to take care and offer oneself this gift. I came back changed.

I am already looking forward to my next visit.

Diane Montreal

The Hummingbird retreat is a charming calm place enhanced by the presence of Sheska and Frank. They are so welcoming, present to your needs and yet respectfull of your intimacy. You feel the joy they have in making you having the best from them...a huge gift.

Mina and Pierre

I loved my stay here and wished I could of stayed longer! Sheska and Frank are the most wonderful hosts! They are both so kind and caring. The food is excellent as are Sheska's healing sessions. I would return frequently if I lived closer than San Francisco.

Janet A. San Fransisco, California

I felt that I needed time to myself, away from daily life. When I came across the Hummingbird Retreat website, I was attracted but also hesitated. What is a retreat like in a private home? After a few days stay, I can say that Hummingbird is a special place where I became family for the duration of my visit.

The setting by Lake Libby is beautiful and serene. I was shown all the trails, the dock, the walking areas. My very spacious room and bathroom were perfect and very quiet, away from the noise, yet right in the heart of the house. All meals were prepared by Sheska and Frank, based on my own preferences. Evenings were spent as I wished, either with my hosts, talking or playing board games, or by myself.

The experience of this retreat would not be complete without sessions with Sheska, a tremendously gifted and caring person who can help physically and emotionally and on different levels. Her beautiful studio promotes peacefulness and happiness.

I am not sure whether I left Hummingbird Retreat a new person or if i had, in fact, found my old self again! Regardless, the person who left was much happier and healthier than when she arrived!

Thank you so much for your care

Marie V

I wasn't sure what to expect when I came so I was open to whatever it would be. I received exactly what my body and spirit needed. The positive acceptation giving energy in the house allowed me to let go of stress and self consciousness and just be happily content.

Dorothy A. Montreal

Its a retreat that really meets your personal needs and more, as you discover yourself better. As soon as you walk-in Sheska's and Frank's house you feel welcomed...and the food is fabulous.


...far exceeded my expectations...felt very cared for...beautiful, spacious, cozy..the food delicious! just what I needed and more. OMG I loved it.


Sheska and Frank are the most gracious and warmhearted host. This has been a very trans-formative experience. I am leaving with a new perspective. Thank you!


Completely stressed out, I searched for a retreat, just hoping to find a quiet place with a pretty location. I found so much more - friendly, compassionate people, wonderful food, an interesting area, healing massage for my physical pains, and Sheska's amazing perception and therapy for my whirling mind. The same problems remained when I got home - but I was completely at peace and so was my physical body - after only a few incredible days at this absolutely perfect place.

Leonie, Ontario

Fabulous experience and hospitality that far surpassed our expectations. Lovely site and lake. Great home cooked healthy food that was tailored to our dietary restrictions.

Andrew and Sylvie

A perfect place to rejuvenate my soul body and mind


The best host, they make you feel right at home. The treatment also very profound (more than expected). The conversations and openness were reward-full. A place for healing and disconnect. Best gift I ever received.

Johanne R

As we were saying: " If you build it ,they will come" Thank you so much for building this beautiful retreat and filling it with love and tenderness. It is the ideal place to relax recharge and just BE.

Marie Christine 

Sheska is a gifted medium who gave me strong messages that guided me significantly on my path of evolution. She worked with me in person and at distance for me alone and as a couple( woman and man). She was able to see, feel and know the people in my life(alive and past) and their state of energy. She identified and cleared negative(fear) energy from my past lives that was preventing me to move on in my life from my heart desire. She truly helped me express my feelings which I did know were there and by listening and lifting the charge of my emotion, helped me to be in touch with my healing power. I definitely gain self-empowerment. I am very grateful to have met and had healing sessions with her.

Claire Langlois,Certify Emotion code and body code practitioner

Sheska has a God given talent to help people resolve their problems and feel better about themselves. A rewarding experience on so many levels.


..emotionally I was feeling pretty close to rock bottom before I came to see you, you have no idea how much you helped me. ..changed my whole out look to life and relationships, thank you very much!

name withheld, Montreal

I came at the lowest time of my whole life and truly didn't know what to expect. The love that was put onto each cell felt almost magical and I came away feeling over three times stronger! Amazing! No place like yours in the world! I came away a different person and there is no hesitation to come back!

name withheld,

Calgary, Alberta

"warm, intuitive and gracious hosts in a stunning setting among trees and birds and great energy. Healing and revitalizing"

"The peace and warmth of the Hummingbird retreat restores heart and mind, adaptable yoga sessions delicious food and getting back to nature..it doesn't get better than this"


Sheska and Frank, I would like to thank you for welcoming me into your home and your world! Everything about your home is relaxing and peaceful. And, the energy massage was just what I needed at this time in my life. Thank you so much Sheska! Not only was the massage truly wonderful, I also learned a lot about myself during the energy balance. I left feeling totally revived and bursting with energy! I spent an amazing day with the both of you. And Frank's cooking is sooooo good!! Without a doubt, the best grilled cheese I've ever had :)


The Hummingbird retreat is the place to go if you're looking for complete peace and relaxation.Its location is quiet, making it perfect for walks of any length and the days are relatively unstructured, giving you time to read eat, sleep without being rushed.


...completely enjoyable...


Thank you for the personalized holiday; it was designed following my needs...! I am grateful for your guidance, the confidence we shared, the patience, the caring you provided me with and the dedication you showed to help me. It was a true moment of paradise to be here and it makes me sad to leave but it is part of my journey and I am very fortunate to have been here to resource myself.

name withheld, Ottawa

My experience at this retreat was truly a positive and enlightening time. Sheska was able to make me aware of some inner feelings that I did not know I had. Both Frank and Sheska were wonderful in making my stay relaxing, peaceful and comfortable. They are both remarkable individuals. I highly recommend any individual to stay at this retreat.

Amanda, Florida, USA

Being here in your home for the past xx days has helped me start a new beginning. Your company and serene home has calmed my nerves and working with you Sheska has waken me up to what I need to do tolive the life I want want for myself....Thank you

Name withheld,Chicago,USA

..you feel this is exactly the place you want to be...very peaceful, very friendly and very helpful environment.


Wonderful experience! Than you, we will definitely see you again.This retreat is exactly what I needed - fell very much stronger and more aware of myself and my abilities and emotions

Alexandra, Toronto

This Center is very peaceful, well kept and well managed. Frank and Sheska are very graceful hosts and fun to be with. The Hummingbird retreat is a home away from home.

Veronica, Scarborough,Ontario

Sheska and Frank are very welcoming and caring. We had long interesting conversation. Sheska's treatment consultation was exactly what I was looking for. Her clairvoyance is amazing. She offers high quality service with a generous heart.

Claire, New Brunswick

My time spend with Frank and Sheska has been healing and restorative. They are warm, caring and communicative.

A.S Montreal

I can't thank you enough Sheska for all the help you have given me. I really feel lighter and lifted to a more positive outlook on my life purpose in being here and I will work with the insights, guidance and tools you have given me. You are an amazing woman and I am so grateful to have met you.


Your home is welcoming, warm and peaceful and the positive energy that circulates because of each of you, because of the beautiful individuals that you are makes it a healing retreat. The food is great. Sheska thank you again for all the sessions

H & F, Brossard, Quebec

Sheska and Frank are the most welcoming people I have ever met. I came here to heal and rejuvenate and find happiness I am leaving with this and more because of Sheska's immense healing talents. Thank you Sheska for changing the course of my life toward true happiness.

S.C. New Brunswick


Sheska and Frank are lovely hosts and are a hoot to be around. Sheska is truly gifted, heals with energy as well as accurate and strong insights. She helped me move forward rapidly and even develop my own gifts. I feel very grateful to have discovered this retreat and will be coming back along my journey.

E.P. Quebec city

Frank and Sheska welcomed me as a friend and I enjoyed both their company, the excellent food and the great accommodations. Sheska is a professional, knows exactly what you are expecting and her intuitive nature brings the peace you are looking for. I am grateful to her for her advice she gave me. Thank you Sheska and Frank for your hospitality.

Lucette , St-Lazare

I think of the Hummingbird retreat as a « Spa for the Soul » This is the bridge between human and being spiritual…the place where both are pampered, nurtured and restored. The warmest welcome I have ever received. I will treasure my time with Sheska and Frank all my life.


Exceeded my expectations. It was everything and more than what I tough it would. Sheska’s insightfulness and strength and Frank’s sense of humor were the perfect combination for me at this time. The food was superior. The dynamics and the energy of our evening get together was a lot of fun. Thank you.


Thank you both for the great insights and the awesome fishing :-P. I absolutely loved the retreat and will definitely be going again.

Name withheld upon request

The best experience! Sheska is amazing with her insight. Frank is delightful and a great cook! I recommend this to anyone who needs time for themselves for whatever reason.


Sheska and Frank are awesome, you feel at home and they cater to your needs. Sheska healing techniques are profound. An experience that cannot be denied to yourself.


I really enjoyed the intimate setting. It felt like we were part of the family. The energy massage was exquisite...thoroughly relaxing weekend.

Frank and yourself were accommodating beyond expectation



My retreat was just perfect. I just couldn't have asked for a more restful R&R. The food, the massage, the lake, the company, all were wonderful. Thank you again for everything.

Alison Pick Author

Your beautiful hands and heart touched me deeply and an experience I will not forget! Bless you for your many talents and generous spirit. I am better for having cross paths with you! Thank you, Sheska.



The following message is in French:

Merci beaucoup Sheska pour ce massage bienfaisant que j'ai reçu. Tu as réussi à me libérer d'une douleur à un pied et surtout à en trouver la cause. Merci pour la belle énergie que tu as partagée avec moi et se respect dont tu fais preuve lorsque tu lis en moi comme dans un livre à peine ouvert . Merci pour cette belle délicatesse avec laquelle tu raconte tout ce que tu y découvres et ces trucs et toutes tes bonnes solutions afin de vivre mieux . Quelle chance que j'ai de t'avoir croisé sur ma route.

Merci Sheska


J`ai connu Sheska en 2006 et continue à avoir des entretiens avec elle. Sheska est une femme bénie par un talent très spécial et bénéfique. Elle a une capacité et une qualité d`écoute exceptionnelle .Elle entends nos peines , compatisent avec nous . Elle utilise son intelligence et sa spiritualité pour répondre à nos questions . Elle écoute nos mots, elle ressent nos émotions , elle s`attache au rythme de notre respiration et là elle nous parle ....

Elle nous donne de la force puis elle nous guide et et nous aide à trouver la clé des solutions qui guérirons nos plaies . Elle sait qu`on ne peut pas écouter si nous sommes dans la souffrance . Elle nous aide à sortir de cet état. Elle nous donne confiance en nous .Nous sommes plus forts qu`on le croit . . Ensuite elle continue à nous guider pour trouver la paix permanente du coeur et de l`âme qui sont la base de la fondation de la spiritualité . Elle m`a dit un jour `` God is bigger than Religion .. bigger than you `` Ces paroles tres sages m`ont apaiséees dans des moments très difficiles de ma vie . Tout ce qu`elle m`a dit s`est réalisé. J`ai refait ma vie en 2007 avec un homme merveilleux .Il est mon mari depuis 2008. Elle me l`avait annoncé .Je n`aurais pas pu le découvrir et le laisser entrer dans ma vie si la confiance en l`obtention d`un bonheur fort et permanent avec un homme ne m`aurait pas été annoncé aussi par ce merveilleux guide spirituel qu`est Sheska . Pour moi maintenant il est clair que ma vie s`épanouit par la construction quotidienne de mon bonheur et de celui des gens qui m`entourent. Je cherche à écouter et à comprendre . J`ai toujours été une femme d`action et je veux continuer à l`être mais pour réaliser des projets qui sont en accord avec des valeurs humanitaires et spirituelles . Il est clair aussi pour moi que je veux marcher avec Dieu dans la voie qui nous mène vers la mort où nous allons tous. Ma grande découverte est que je suis maintenant beaucoup plus en paix avec l`idée de la mort parce que je suis heureuse. .

En conclusion Sheska décrit notre degré d`harmonie ou d`éloignement du bonheur et nous encourage à l` atteindre rapidement . . Elle ressent des choses pour nous et elle nous guide et nous transmet la sagesse pour mettre de l`ordre dans nos vies , mais aussi, si nous le voulons à apprendre à marcher avec Dieu .

Bonne chance à tous ceux qui cherchent le bonheur !

Elise B.

Amazing Healing Testimonials

I allowed Sheska to do what ever work on me that she could see, feel or be intuitively guided to give me. I received an absolutely amazing experience. Physically she moved and stretched me, and worked out my physical stresses, mentally she identified what negative thoughts I was speaking, emotionally she knew that what was inside was not what I was displaying on the outside and identified what would help me believe in myself, and spiritually she told me how I could help myself. I felt so much lighter in all areas mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, I was happy and rejuvenated and I could tell that her heart and soul were genuinely there in this wonderful healing. I can’t wait for another.

Sheska, is an amazing healer!

Thank you ever so much.


Janet Rowe

Thank you so much for your hospitality during my stay at Hummingbird Retreat. I really appreciate the detailed attention I received. I will use the life skill tools and counsel I learned this weekend and practice it daily. I feel this time I was ready to listen and be present. It's been almost a week since I left, yet I still feel the positive effects of the retreat.

C. S. Boston, U.S.A 

Sheska is an extremely intuitive and generous person. Her approach to Energy Balancing is done with sensitivity and she can pinpoint areas of need quickly and comfortably.

Cory B., Alberta

I have known Sheska Chan for over 10 years and have been getting readings from her to help with my personal life on all levels. Her intuitive skills is amongst the best I know of and I thoroughly trust her guidance as it comes from an egofree higher level and pure state. She is a clear channel and guide. She has helped me on so many levels - personal life, business life, love life and karmic lessons. Her information is accurate and honest. She told me 4 years before meeting the man of my life that "there is an older man there for you, he is 54". Exactly 4 years later I met Maurice who was 58! Her advice and skills are highly recommended, I can recommend no better.

Joni Brestler, RM, RMT Oceans Massage & Wellness Calgary, Alberta CANADA

I first met Sheska as a massage therapist. I understood that she was more than a massage therapist, because her help was very special. I am a skeptical and scientific person, I guess she was the only one able to prove to me the force of spirituality. Last summer, I consulted her as a healer. I had a very stressful year, as a young mother and a young professional, I experienced serious stress issues.

I had headaches, insomnia, muscular tensions in my neck. I had everything to be happy, but my stress stopped me from enjoying life. Sheska balanced my energy and helped me to feel and understand how energy flows in my body and in my mind.

I can say that she dramatically changed my perspective on life and my physical health with her cleverness, her love and her compassion. I now know that she can help me in person or by phone. I am very grateful to what she did for me. She has all my trust.

Stephanie G, Ontario

Sheska is a very intuitive energy healer using many modalities of healing. I have had some healing sessions done by Sheska on numerous occasions.

Sheska has done different types of massages always simultaneously working at the energy level, has counseled me at the emotional level, as well as has worked on me uniquely at the etheric body level.

Sheska has a wonderful gift of healing and she has helped me clear some deep seated issues which I carried with me from past lives. These were issues that I held at the cellular memory level involving two of my sisters.

Since the energy work, my relationship with my sisters has improved. Sheska helped bring awareness to wounds which I was not aware of at the conscious level. She then assisted me by guiding me through the steps necessary for me to release that energy which was no longer serving me.

If it is your intent to heal yourself at the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level, I strongly recommend that you seek out Sheska’s services as an energy healing facilitator.

Renée G, Alberta

What I am about to share took place on august 1, 2006. my current husband and I were on holidays, visiting a long time friend of my husband and his partner. I had only met Frank a few times and neither my husband nor I had met his partner of about two years.

I knew nothing about Sheska, other than she was kind enough to welcome us in to her home on a ten day holiday, and she knew very little about me, but from the first moment I met her I sensed a friendship like I had never known would be formed.

My husband and I were made to feel as if we belonged to their family. We spent 10 wonderful days with Frank and Sheska and I really dreaded the thought of going home, although I missed my girls and my little grandchildren.

But going home meant going back to old memories and feelings I was able to put aside for awhile during my holiday. You see, both Roger, my husband and I had been married before. My first husband, died 11 years before when our daughters were 20 years old and 6 years old, and we had been married 25 years.

After my husband died, and through the time I have been with Roger, I carried a lot of emotional baggage. My first marriage was anything but calm and I took a lot of my anxiety to my new relationship.

I never felt at peace. I always felt that I was still connected to John and that he was actually keeping me mentally attached to him. I felt a lot of anxiety, every day and night. but I also felt guilty because I felt lucky to have met and married an understanding man, like Roger.

On august 1, 2006, the night before we were to leave to go home Roger and Frank went out to help one of Frank’s neighbors. Sheska and I were alone for the first time since our arrival. I was helping her sew some pillows, when she asked me if I would like her to contact John for me

I knew Sheska was a follower of Zen, but I had no idea that she could contact those who had crossed over, or that she even suspected that I would be open to such a forum.

Sheska knew i was very spiritual and certainly believed in life after death as do most Catholics, but reaching out to John in this way to me, was like being handed a miracle. I had so many questions I needed answered and even though I was a little scared of the answers I would or wouldn’t received, I was thrilled to have this once in a lifetime chance.

Sheska started by establishing that it was indeed John’s spirit that was with her, beyond a shadow of a doubt, by just a few intimate questions that only he could answer for me.

We, John and I conversed through Sheska for over and hour and I was shocked that it was I keeping him connected to me rather than the other way around.

I was amazed also that the conversation between us was no more peaceful in his spirit world as it was in this world, which made me sad and angry but also helped me realize that things in this world happen for a purpose.

By the time Sheska had finished communicating between myself and John, he was ready to go to a place he should have been in years ago, and I was ready to let him go , knowing that through the sometimes tremulous years , we loved each other, we had now made peace with each other thanks to my wonderful new friend.

When I left to come home the next day, it was with wings on my heart, freedom for my soul and something so precious it can never be replace; peace of mind.

I honestly believe God sent me an angel, her name is Sheska.

Judy R.


I felt liberated after a couple of sessions with Sheska last year. She helped me to find memories within me that I have blocked out or have forgotten.

In the past, I had always felt open and vulnerable after a healing session; however, with Sheska I felt a closure and a sense of peace. I was able to come to term with the past and was able to release it easily and effortlessly.

My eight years old son was having nightmare almost every week when I decided to talk to Sheska. She told me that she had in the past work with adults as well as kids. She gave my son a brief energy balance and a gift which she call “dream maker”. I noticed a tremendous change in him right away. To this day, he still has it hanging in his bedroom and would not part with it.

Doris G. Quebec

Sheska, when you do your massage, I feel so good and so at peace. I feel you not only touching my skin, my muscles but you are touching my energy and my spirit. To me, it’s a complete massage on all level of my being.


Massage Therapist Quebec

I find Sheska to be highly intuitive person, who is very sensitive to energy and present moment situation. Her work with me on an individual level has brought clarity and quick resolution of old issues. I recommend her work.

Lorraine G.

Sheska's massage, energy healing and balancing is extremely wonderful, very powerful and very relaxing. A wonderful experience!

Doreen T.

A truly enlightening experience! Through Sheska's empowering work it leads me to a full spiritual awakening!

Colina V.

Energy Massage

Her great listening skill and ability to detect/to perceive; the massage was adopted to my needs.

Martine C

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