Relationship Reading

How would a relationship reading improve our relationship?

In addition to offering consultations to individuals, we also offer Relationship Reading for couples. Couples who wish to strengthen their relationship and to reconnect with each other for the benefit of their health and of their personal balance.

In some cases, when couples are looking for clarity on how to resolve their differences. First, the clients will state their concerns or issues that require resolution.

My role as a facilitator is to provide the couple with feedback or messages which I receive from energies emanating from the couple. I will seek information from the client’s past and/or the present simply by tapping into the client’s energy field using an intuitive method which I call "Energy Reading".

I can use various methods to translate the information and pass it onto my clients. The information concerning my clients may come in various forms. It may come in the form of writing or visualizing images from the past or into the future. It could be symbols or messages from another spiritual entities or entities from the client’s past.

Experience has shown that the number of consultations and the quality of tools I have used to obtain the information which I was able to provide based entirely upon what the couple's needs are; and their willingness and openness to participate in the consultation.

However, where issues of past trauma are impacting the client's health and well-being and their relationship with each other. An "Energy Massage" has proven to be very helpful in reconnecting the mind to the body.

In any case, whether a couple looking for more ways to strengthen their relationship or seeking to find more harmony in their relationship. The well being of my clients are my first prioity.

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