What is energy?

Our body is made up of molecules, these molecules produce impulses which we call energy. Another name for this is Aura. The Aura is said to be the field surrounding the outside of the body. For those who can actually see the Aura, they will tell you that these frequency illuminate in various colors, colors of the rainbows. Depending on the vibration of the color, there may be indication of blockages, unbalance or even an indication of an illness. Some studies show that these different vibrations correspond also to our emotional state. Our emotional state correspond to a centre call "Chakra".

Chakras are sometimes described as spinning wheel vortex. There are seven major Chakra and they are located along the spine. They are also responsible for the distribution of energies to various parts of the body and to smaller chakras centre in our hands and feet.

The body is sometimes described as a physical vehicle that is compared to machinery or a vehicle. They have many simpler qualities, meaning both need fuel and regular maintenance to maintain optimum health and efficiency.

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