Energy Healing

Energy Healing treatments have been shown to be most effective in releasing energy blockages. When individuals experience traumatic stressful events or carry around unresolved grievances from the past, the suppressed energy is not released and creates a blockage in the overall energy flow of the body.

The technique is similar to acupuncture without the use of needles. I scan the body to locate blockages by following the energy flow or the body's meridians. I can feel an invisible barrier between my hands and the body. A tingling and prickly sensation in my hands signal where blockages are present and ready to be released. While pressing along the energy line or pressure points using my fingers, I would encourage my clients to concentrate on their breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply. There are times when I would use my hands to massage or knead areas where energy are deeply hidden inside the muscles or tissues. For painful or unusually hot areas of the body, I would suggest an "Energy Massage" or the Japanese hands- on healing technique call Reike to further the healing progress.

On a cellular level, the body remembers emotional memories. They are stored in our muscles and tissues. With this technique, areas of concern and recurrent pain are healed. By re balancing the energy system, the body can now connect with the mind to center and to refocus, whether the pain is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Healing can be both simple and effective.

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