Energy Healing Force

Energy Healing Force

The “Energy Healing Force" is used when an Energy Worker or Facilitator would have to know where to find the energy blockages, to connect, direct and amplify the energy wherever the body needs healing.

Let's start with what is "Energy"? When someone ask me that question, I almost always have to think about how to translate my thoughts into words so that they would understand me. If I tell them that every thing is energy and energy is everywhere. Even our very breath is energy, every living organism on the planet and our universal is energy. They tend to look puzzled.

Take our body for example, it is tangible. It is something solid you can touch; however, your feelings and your thoughts are like energy, they are non tangible. When someone has some thoughts and they wrote them down on a piece of paper, those thoughts are said to be tangible because it is on paper.

When they have a feeling or a vision and they want to express them; they can use different medium such as painting or sculpturing. Those expressions which are non tangible before would then become a work of art which we can both see and touch.

Now that we have some ideas what Energy may be, how does Energy Healing and/or Energy Healing Force work?

There are many kind of healing; the body, the mind and the spirit. Let’s take the body mechanic for example; it has amazing ways to heal itself. Proper food and exercise put the body on an automatic mode; but what happened when the body is place in an unfamiliar mode? It will experience stress, which is energy and is not tangible; even though the stress may seem real like the heavy work load at the office or an accident where the body is injured.

While the body gets the necessary support to heal with medications and plenty of rest, "Energy Healing" is another way the body would heal itself. The mind, which contains thoughts of energy, would think of all sorts of ways to find solutions to resolve the stress or the knotted feelings the body is experiencing. If there are no solutions in sight in which it can help release those feelings, those feelings will then become energy blockages.

I use "Energy Healing Force" to facility healing, as an Energy worker/facilitator my job is to find those energy blockages in the body. Once I located the source I would be able to help the body to be more aware and to express those unexpressed feelings. That's when the “Energy Healing Force” would come in because that’s when I connect with the source of the blockage, direct the energy and to amplify the energy to wherever the body needs healing.

One of the most loving approach would be my “Energy Massage” and one of the quickest ways to release energy blockages would be my “Energy Balance” which followed by an "Energy Consultation". No matter what method I may use; I know we all have the ability to heal or to assist in healing of another. I know when I hold love and compassion in my heart I hold a higher vibration as everything in this world vibrates with a frequency. When I am in that higher vibration I know it will raise the vibration of the other. In that sense, we are all one.

What is energy healing?Energy healing is based on the belief that our "life force" which is "Chi" creates energy fields that are unbalanced during emotional or physical injuries or disease. Our energy fields are part of an interconnected whole, we are all energy and we are all vibrations and in that sense, we are one.


We are Energy workers, facilitators and we do not claim to heal specific conditions. The effectiveness of an energy massage, balance or consultation is base on the individual ability to heal. Ultimately, in any case the responsibility is on the individual to consult with their physicians.

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