Energy Balance

Why do we need energy balance? The body was once described as a physical vehicle in which it can be compared to machinery or a vehicle. They have many simpler qualities, meaning both need fuel and regular maintenance to stay in optimum shape and efficiency. There are no “right way or wrong way” when it come to balancing our energy. However, there are many methods, almost as many as the cultures we have on the planet. There are color therapies, sound therapies, yoga, meditations and many types of body works that help to calm the mind and allow healing to take place.

“Reiki” for instance is an “ancient universal hands on” healing technique that was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui at the 19th century, in Kyoto, Japan. Reiki practitioners use simple techniques and is widely practiced all over the world.

Another Energy healing method is using the "Chakra system" which was believed to originated from India. There are seven major Chakras, these healing centers are located on the spine. They are sometime described as spinning wheel vortex. These Chakras are responsible for the distribution of energies to various parts of the body to smaller chakras centre in our hands and our feet.

When doing an energy balance with the Chakra system, the intuitive facilitator can sense which Chakra is off balance; by sensing which part of the body gives out more or less heat. An "Energy Consultation" which follows would give a bigger picture or explanation as to where energy may be blocked. Click here to find out more about chakra Why do we need Energy Balance? Think of balancing as a way to reach your optimum efficiency on all level of your being, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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