How chakra healing can help our emotional wellbeing?

Chakra healing is important to our well being because they are the energy centers or the electrical system of the body. These energy centers not only responsible for the distribution of energies to our vital organs and various parts of the body; but it also act as storage to all our experiences.

Each Chakra governs specific body organs that correspond with every stage of our emotional development and growth. For example, the first Chakra is red; it often refers to as the blood of the system. The location of this Chakra is at the base of the spine, the energy flows from the hip down to the feet. The role of the first Chakra is our first experience from the moment we learn to crawl to standing on our own to actually moving our feet and taking our first step. Therefore, any and all experiences or trauma in regard survival, healings are store in the first Chakra.

The second Chakra is located in the area of reproductions, in the woman that's where the ovaries are located. This is where creation and duality come in and this is when we first learn how to relate to someone else other than ourselves. The second Chakra vibrates a beautiful color of orange, a mix of red and yellow much like the third Chakra. The color of the sun; the energy vibrates in the solar plexus or the belly. It is said to be the most powerful energy, our personal power. This is also the center which we learn to take our own power or to give our power away.

The fourth Chakra is the color green which vibrates in the area of the chest, front and back including the shoulders and the arms. It refers to as the “heart center” or where love flows. It also acts as a balance between the first three lower Chakras and the last three higher Chakras.

The fifth Chakra is the color blue which refers to as the communication center. The energy flows from the throat upward including the ears. The important of this Chakra is where we learn to communicate effectively by not only talking but also listening.

The sixth Chakra is the color purple or a combination of blue and purple. It is often refers to as the “third eye”; I call it the “inspiration center” where we are inspire to see beyond our nose or even into the future.

The seventh Chakra is the color mauve. It has been referred to as the “crown” because the energy is located on the top of the head, vibrating energy upward and beyond, connecting our energy to the universal or source if you will.

In times of emotional trauma, stress and painful memories; our body will often experience heavier vibrations, which can interfere with the natural energy flow of our body. To maintain good health, Chakra healing is important to our well being and vital in maintaining healthy organs.

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