Menopause and Energy

The Sacred Fire of “Menopause”

As an energy worker as well a woman who is going through Menopause, I have a few objections!! Hot flashes, changes of mood swings, cramping and sleepless nights!!


Hello, this is Sheska. I had promised some of my clients that I would write a few lines on “Men-o-pause” and how it relates to “Energy”. First, I want to talk about what are some of the herbs and foods that would help our body to feel better while going through this supposedly one of life’s natural cycle yet sometimes it feels so unnatural. I am talking about body changes, mood swings and oh, yes the “hot flashes”; the unbearable and unpredictable “hot flashes”.

I have noticed over the years how some of my clients’ comments on Menopause and hot flashes. They seemed to go together, yet I was experiencing hot flashes in my early 30s right after the birth of my twin daughters. I supposed it has a lot to do with hormone changes and I knew some of you ladies out there are taking hormone replacement. If you are finding success with that, good for you! However, if you are wish to know how some herbs and food can help….

Here’s what I found but make sure you check with your Doctor first before taking any herbs along with your medication.


Slippery elms (can be used as tea) are good for water retention, the water weight that comes with hormonal imbalance. It eases PMS, it contain calcium, vitamin A, B and phosphorus all of which are good for bone formation. Another chose is Oat straw tea which has a large amount of calcium.

Blessed Thistles (at locate health food store) when combine with other herbs it can increases circulations, strengthens the heart and good for the brain.

Dong Quai is a herb from china, it is extremely helpful for women with estrogen problems, relieve hot flashes, has vitamin A, B12, and E. It also aids in vaginal dryness and increases functions of ovarian hormones. Wolf berry for immune system and liver.Walnut and pork soup for vaginal dryness and discharge.

Talk to your locate health food store in regards to herbs such as black cohash roots, sarsaparilla roots and Siberian ginseng roots.


One Avocado per week balances hormones, shed unwanted birth weight and prevent cervical cancer.

Sweet potatoes balance glycemic index of diabetics.

Olives for health and function of the ovaries.

Kidney beans for kidney and carrots for healthy eyes.

Energy and Menopause

The last but not least is what does “Energy got to do with Menopause??” As an energy worker I am curious about how this intangible force call “Energy” have anything to do with the tangible solid force call the “Body”. This is what I’ve found…

In the past, I have compared our physical body as a physical vehicle, the spark plugs and the wiring system to those of the Chakras system. The Chakras system which is the main energy centers located on our spine can be compared to the main power box in your house, the fuel box. If we start from the beginning when the house is being built, you can see all the electrical cords inside the frame of the house before dry walls are put on. The wiring, the electrical cords start at the fuels box to determine which switch goes to which room and turn on which light. When we experience a power failure, we know where to go to find the problem. We go to the fuel box and turn the power back on.

The Chakras system work pretty much the same way. Starting from the 1st Chakra when we learn how to fight our first cold to the top of the 7th Chakra where we learn about God and spirituality. As we grow and experience life lessons which most of the time are highly emotional, these emotions are like electricity; they gather up and are stored in the energy center. When we experience life trauma whether it is physical injury or emotional such as a lost of a love one, it’s a power failure!

That is why energy balance is so important! It can restore and balances the energy back to the center. When I do an energy balance, I usually go to the fuel box of the body which is the Chakra system. Where energy is store with unfulfilled or shattered dreams which has taken our power away, we need to retreat back to the cause of the problem.

As women, we are stronger than we think! We have learned to live with our intellectual, logical mind which I refer to as masculine. We also learned to live with our intuitive, universal heart which I refer to as feminine. Perhaps Menopause is a way of letting us know that we have become “unbalance”. We need to take a Men-o-pause to re-examine our lives. Perhaps we are still struggling in our masculine side when we are suppose to be reaping the reward and paying more attention to our feminine side!

It’s time to put our male energy on “pause” and take a look at our female energy in our body to determine why at this stage in our life we may still be giving our power away?At this stage of our lives; is it too late to pursue our dreams?

If you are interested in reading a true story about one woman’s journey through menopause; I would recommend a book call “Woman at the Edge of two worlds” by Lynn V. Andrews.

I welcome your comments or suggestions, please drop me a line or call me for an energy balance. We can take the Menopause journey together!!

Love and blessing to all,Sheska

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