Healing Retreat

Hummingbird Retreat is a sanctuary for personal expression. We believe that the path of healing is an unique intimate journey that each individual chooses for self. Your body is an expression of how you have treated yourself, it contain all your life experiences! The following is an example of what our healing sessions may look like but it is your choice to take as many session as you need.

In our FIRST healing session I will encourage you to examine the emotions you are feeling and the thoughts that evoke them. It is important to feel and identify our emotions because if these emotions are left unnoticed, untreated; they will create what I’d call “energy blockages”.

Energy blockages are “thoughts and emotions” that have not been fully expressed; such as anger, trauma, injuries, stress and fatigue. In time, these thoughts and emotions are like “memories” that can lodge in our body, our muscles and tissues causing pain, discomfort and dis-ease, which may eventually become disease.

The interruptions to the fluidity of energy can be identified using a technique I call “Scanning the Energy Field”. I will identify the areas in your body that have become blocked – usually because some thoughts or emotions are obstructing the passage of the healthy thoughts and emotions that need to flow through for the area to heal. At this time, we may also be able to find some tools which may help improve or heal any emotional injuries.

Our SECOND healing session would start with an “Energy Balance” tapping into and moving energy away from blocked areas of the body while bringing in positive energy into the body using the principle of the Chakra System.

The Chakras system is important and vital to our well-being. The energy centers are the electrical system of the body as well as the storage field that contains all of our experiences. We know our experiences make us who we are and this balance can help heighten the client’s self-awareness and bring forth the mental clarity that is necessary to pursue healing effectively.

Our THIRD healing session or our final transformational session begin with a “wrap up” and an “Energetic Massage”. We will bring everything we talked about together from our previous sessions and going over any questions or concerns you may have.

The “Energetic Massage” and hands on energy healing will help the body to reconnect with the spirit. The massage can be one of the most important parts of the whole healing process. The gentle touch of massage will give you time to relax into the healing energy that rushes in to fill the newly opened energy centers. You will feel lighter, brighter and much more at peace with yourself when you can rely on your body to be your strongest ally.

That’s our goal at Hummingbird Retreat – to help you achieve the best possible expression of yourself: Physically, Emotionally, Mentally by realigning both your body and your mind with the energy from source: Spirit.

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