Day trip

For Spring, Fall and Winter only

Falls is when life takes on a poetic theme, a time for reflections of the past and the collection of seeds to be sow in the spring.

Winter, on the other hand is for rest and to rebuild strength and for the earth to nourish the seeds in her womb....

Spring is when mother earth wakes up transforming her landscape with life!!!

Come spend a day exploring the country, take in the fresh air, go snow shoeing or hike the trails.

cost: $25.00 (light lunch included).

Please call ahead and book your day trip at 450-297-1161

Walking the trail

What's better than a healthy lunch with an assortment of salad, sandwiches and a big bowl of home made soup?

Reike or a massage!

We offer: Reike (hands on Japanese healing, lymphatic drainage, head and feet massage, "AMMA" Japanese pressure point massage, energy balance and consultation.

Cost: $95.00 (lunch included)

So, whether you are the adventurous or the lay back-take it easy type, a get away DAY TRIP just got a whole lot better!

Enjoy a healthy lunch

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