2018 Rates

Meals and snacks are included with accommodation and goes according to your diet. Our retreat also include access to all amenities (Libby lake, dock, trails, canoeing and paddle boat).

              Accommodation:  Single $140/person

                 Per night, Double $195.00 per night


We serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, Oriental,  Thai, Vegan, non-dairy, and Gluten free.

When registering for a retreat, please specify your dietary needs and any food/animal allergies.

Classes and transportation:

Yoga classes and our special exercise classes, bus pick up and drop off are extra and must be arranged ahead of time. 


If you like to create your own retreat and opt out on our retreat packages, please note:

Relaxation retreat must have a minimum of one 60 minute session of massage and for Healing retreat, a minimum of 90 minute session of energy massage/healing.       


($85.00 per hour and 127.00 hour and a half)

Energy massage:  Energy consultations, Chakras balancing with intuitive massage. 

Energetic body work:   Reiki- energy healing, past life connections, intuitive massage, AMMA Japanese pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage,  head/feet massage.

Hot stone Massage:   $130.00 for a 75 minute session